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We are

Broward County

approved vendors 

In-School Field Trip

and Summer Camp

We have several options for a field trip or summer camp as a one-day event.


Field trip topic options:






Cost per Attendee: $15.00

(*Field trips outside of Broward County $15 per attendee, plus $150 transportation fee)

The length of Event: 1 Hour

Number of attendees: Up to 25 per session(more if discussed ahead of time)

Event Details (Grow your own food option):


Each student will create a beautiful Table Top Garden with 1 herb. Garden a la Carte will provide all necessary garden components including plants, soil, containers, plant markers, and specific instructions for care. Each student will take home their instructional packet, and their Table Top Garden with 1 herb.


Curriculum (Grow your own food option):


Identify major parts of the plant and their purpose (worksheet provided)

Discuss plant reproduction

Discuss seed cycle

Discuss water cycle (worksheet provided)

Discuss what plants need to live (worksheet provided)

Identify plant used in field trip and its uses


Activity (Grow your own food option):


Each student will get their container, soil, and plant. With the help of the Garden a la Carte team, students will learn how to transplant a plant and how to take care of it. Additionally, they will learn how to harvest and use their plant.



A minimum 50% Deposit is required 21 days prior to the event. The balance is due the day of the event prior to the start time. Due to the fact that we work with live plants, if for any reason, the event must be rescheduled or cancelled less than 14 days before the event date, the 50% deposit is not refundable. If the event is postponed, Garden a la Carte will do everything possible to apply the 50% deposit to the new rescheduled event date. If the deposit is not made on time, the event will be cancelled. Please provide your tax exemption certificate.



*Garden a la Carte does not provide food or drink and is not liable for accidents or injuries before, during, or after the event.


*Plants will depend on season and availability.

For more information on all topics, call for details.

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