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I was shocked when I weighted the amount of organic waste my family of 4 produces in a single regular day. At the end of the day, I collected almost 2lb (1.9lb) of organic waste. That means than in 2 months and 1 week we will produce my weight in organic waste.A I stared my worm composting bin last summer. I’ve been adding waste and paper to that bin for almost 10 months, but I didn’t understand the significance until I saw I used the worm casting to feed my garden. After following all the recommendations, I was able to almost fill up a 5-gallon Bucket with real and fresh soil (worm casting.) In conclusion, I estimate that in 10 months, I was able to convert about 600lb of organic waste in 40lb of rich and fresh soil for my garden!!. Here are some pictures to Share the process.

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It's a funny thing, starting a business with your friends. You are united by your commonalities; children, hobbies, social circles... the people and activities of your every day. These things that bind you to others are often subtle and your connections grow. Friends come and go, but sometimes you find a couple of people who stick; people you want to be around, people you want to spend time with and do things with... things like starting an edible garden business.

When Jen, Claudia, and I began developing the idea of Garden a la Carte, we knew we had something special. It was fun to brainstorm and dream about what our business could be some day. We're all so different; each from a unique background with strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and desires. As we spent more time together and navigated the strange path of starting a business, something surprising happened. We found the things which originally brought us together could not possibly bind us together as tightly as the challenges and struggles which come from melding different ideas, methodology, and plans for the future. Real relationships, deep and meaningful relationships, are forged through commonality and conflict. You learn the content of a person when you weather differences together

garden a la carte edible garden experts
Fun and foolishness are never far behind when you're gardening with Garden a la Carte. Get to know your edible garden experts!


Garden a la Carte is almost two years old. We have learned so much about running a business, deciding what we want our business to be and how we want people to see what we do. We've felt the growing pains of defining our roles and making decisions about products, events to attend, and many other nuances of business ownership. We have made so many new friends and connections. We have been blessed with the love and support of our friends and families... many people have been with us through our infancy and we're so grateful. We still have so much to learn and we'll do it together. Jen, Claudia, and I are excited to keep growing together.

We were recently featured in an article by VoyageMIA Magazine. Check it out when you get a chance!

We are continuing our Plants & Pints events at LauderAle Brewery in this new year, as well. We'd love to see you there. Come share our love of edible gardening and get to know us... your edible garden experts.

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This past week, a friend moved to another job and new, exciting opportunities. While I'm thrilled and hope all the best for her, I will miss her and am sad. I wanted to give my friend a gift, a symbol of my love for her and a reminder of our time together. I tried to think of something meaningful, useful, relevant, and lovely. I tried to think of something beautiful, delicious and unique... I thought and thought about a gift and then it struck me; a plant! Of course! A beautiful, delicious, unique, meaningful, useful, relevant, and lovely jalapeño plant! I happened to have several jalapeño plants which I grew from seeds. A few of them had delicate flowers promising fruit, and some of them had little peppers striving to grow into zesty little snacks. It occurred to me that there is something very personal about taking a tiny seed, planting it, watering it, caring for it, watching it grow, seeing it become the plant it was meant to be, and then giving it as a gift to someone you care about. I hope she loves that little jalapeño and I hope she knows I gave a little piece of my heart to her when I transplanted it and handed it over to her to love and enjoy for years to come.

jalapeno good-bye love gift friend
Saying good-bye with love...

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