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Hoping for Babies Soon

baby seedlings
Seedlings full of potential pushing their way up through the soil to begin living.

So, today I planted a bunch of seeds. I went to five different stores to find them and then sat down and counted how many were in each packet before making calculations for how many of each seed I should put in each seed cup. Then I separated the seeds into little groups (some seeds are SO MUCH smaller than others), filled each cup with the perfect, all natural soil made to encourage root growth, and then carefully placed the seeds in the cups. I had to wear my reading glasses to make sure I was sprinkling the seeds in the cups not around them; did I mention how VERY SMALL some seeds are? After they were all tucked in to their little soil-filled baby cups, I labeled them with the date and watered them very gently, but thoroughly.

All of this seems so clinical, so deliberate. One may think searching, counting, grouping, placing, labeling, and watering seeds doesn't reflect a love of gardening, but it does... it really does. Every one of those seeds is a potential plant. Each one could grow into a plant that could FEED someone; or, at the very least, season a delicious dinner one day. Right now all of those little seeds are dormant, but within a couple of days, I should see the first tiny sprouts reaching up for the sun. My little baby plants will no longer be seeds, they'll be young plants. With luck and care (not in that order), they should grow into healthy, happy, abundant plants you can buy from us! We get attached to our plants, especially the ones we grow from seeds. They're our little babies and we hope that, when you get our babies, you realize that we have put our hearts and souls into growing that plant for you. It's a little piece of us. AND... if ever one of your Garden à la Carte plants seems to falter, please make sure you let us know. We'll always be here, ready to help.

Anyway, for now, we're hoping for babies soon! :D

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Special thanks to for the photo... I would have had to post a picture of dirt if I took a picture of my seed cups!

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