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Why start an edible garden?

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Your Garden a la Carte Team... ready to make your edible garden a reality!

Seems everywhere we turn these days there's a new restaurant touting the beauty of "farm to table" eating. We get it! Isn't is a great feeling to know where your food came from? What kinds of seeds, nutrients, and pest control were used? What kind of love and care went into the food you're using to nourish your body? The amount of chemicals and genetic modification used in today's mass-produced food is frightening. There are so many reasons to start growing your own food. Here are just a few:

1) Know Your Food- As mentioned above, when you grow your own, you know exactly how and in what manner your seeds and plants were grown. At Garden a la Carte, we take a natural approach to gardening. We care about the seeds we select and use organic seeds whenever possible. We've partnered with a organic local grower for healthy plants, and we grow a lot of our fruits, vegetables, and trees from our own stock. Pests are a very natural facet of gardening and we're constantly working to get to know which insects are trouble and which ones are not. We used natural pest control, not chemicals. Plants need great nutrients and we feed them beautiful, natural amendments for best results.

2) Save Money at the Grocery Store, Save Plastic, Save the Earth- How many times have you needed some basil or oregano for a recipe? You go to the store, buy a plastic container with a few sprigs of the herbs you need, use a little, and the rest rots in the fridge only to be thrown away later. PLUS... you now have that plastic container to recycle, or worse, toss in the trash to add to the landfill. When you grow your own herbs (and veggies... and fruit... and trees), you can just pop out to the garden and grab exactly how much you need and there's no waste! The world's population is ever-increasing. Growing your own food reduces the impact on our planet caused by mass production of food.

3) Connect with Your Family and the Earth- Sharing the experience of growing your own food with your family is very rewarding. Gardening is educational, relaxing, and beneficial. Imagine helping the next generation learn where food really comes from! We have become so disconnected from the food we eat and most people have no idea what it takes to grow their own. The Earth provides... we just have to learn to get back to nature.

Let Garden a la Carte help you on your journey to growing food in your own back yard! Call (754) 444-1727, or email for a free consultation.

With love,

Your Garden a la Carte Team

Jen, Claudia, Jen

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